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Let's get started forex trading from zero

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Forex, the abbreviation of the foreign exchanges. It is sure that this word is not familiar to us, but we often hear the phrases, 'Yen-appreciation' or 'Yen-depreciation' on TV news every day. The forex rate represents the value of money around us in comparison to other foreign currencies. We cannot ignore the continuous change of value time after time because it would be likely to affect the prices of food and energy. We can make use of forex trading as a tool of hedge for depreciation of our money. In addition, forex trading provides us with the opportunity of investment and speculation only for profit-taking purposes. This web site offers brief instructions necessary to you all, especially to those who remains unknown how to trade forex although greatly interested in it. This item is titled as 'Let's get started forex trading from zero', and follows three parts, Step 1: Introduction, Step2: Method and Step 3: Practice, without many difficult terminologies.

Forex Guidance Step 1

First of all, Step 1 is the basic and fundamental course for forex trading. The online trade using internet enables us to trade forex all time long during 24 hours from Monday morning till Friday night. One could find the best suitable way to each life style, for example, using PC at home or using mobile phone outside. It is one of remarkable characteristics that one can trade forex like as playing casino. Other is that forex trading gives us the efficient tool not to lose own property. At the end of this section, we will explain the Yen-appreciation and the Yen-depreciation, which is based on the actual market movement in the past.

Forex trading Step 2

Step 2 is about the basic method for forex trading. We see most beginners fall in trouble where to buy and when to sell, but the chart is much useful as guidance. We call a graph as 'forex chart' on which the price movement has been completely recorded in order and the whole behavior has been drawn with a shape. By a chart, they could be aware that the market price is going up or going down. This section will start from on how to buy or sell simply and follow to explain what the position stands for. In addition, we will explain here the relevant action to realize profit and to cut the loss to save.

Forex Movement Step 3

There exist some key points to take into account in foreseeing the market movement, and step 3 offers these respects. The 'Trend' research comes first because this is very important to watch the forex market carefully. Second come 'Range trade' and 'Top and Bottom' with some graphs. Next comes hot to take a look at the 'Moving average' which is essential to the trend analysis. Final comes the 'Oscillator' analysis to inform you how the forex market exceeds to buy or sell at any stage.

The actual forex trading brings about the change of your life style, and you will find yourself to take care of the market movement in New York as the forex market is always moving regardless of your rest. The forex market opens at 0800JST in Tokyo. The interbank trades focus on the forex rate fixing heading to 0955JST in the morning. From on the evening session, the European players take part in the forex market and it would move more dynamically, and after 2200JST, the New York players take over the forex market. In this way, the forex market works whole hours even in midnight. You will find to be interested in the international affairs which you have once passed without awareness, and to be looking forward to TV news about it. You can easily learn the actual economy with vividness.

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