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Critical points

Check on trading

Money control means how much you can invest for the forex trading in your property. It is reckless that you would bet all your availability against the forex market with random walk. The players without an idea of fund allocation often get a great chance to win but it would not carry on so long. The money control using fund allocation is essential to keep alive in the forex market.


Guide line for fund allocation

The forex market won't come up to your expectation easily, if you tried only once. Let us show the guideline for the frequent trading here. Refer to it regardless of the size of you fund.

  • You have to set a limit to invest up to 50% of your fund and have to leave another 50% preparing for losing more.
  • You have to set a limit to invest one currency pair up to 10-15% of your fund.
  • You have to set a limit to cut loss against one currency pair to 5% of you fund.

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