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Forex market moving factors /fundamentals


The economic fundamentals is very important for the market moving factors in the middle term and long term. The economic fundamentals are expressed on the economic indicators like GDP, price index, trade balance and employment report. The international capital data and the crude price are focused by most players in the forex market in addition to the data of trade and jobs.


Trade balance

The trade data is most important for the forex market moving factor. The trade balance stands for the summation of the economic activities between residence and non-residence. IMF definition is too strict to say simply that the trade balance should be the gap in the overseas trades. In Japan, the Bank of Japan makes up the trade data based on custom fully delegated by Ministry of Finance. The trade data is generated quarterly and announced every month with the advance, preliminary and the final version.

US job data of note

Unemployment Rate

The US employment report is composes of the jobless rate and the non-farm payrolls, and is announced on the first Friday every month. This figure is, needless to say, as for the previous month. The jobless rate is the ratio of jobless persons in comparison to all workers. The forex market participants pay more attention to the non-farm payrolls. This figure implies the number of employees excluding farmers because of seasonal fluctuations. In addition, it counts only wage earners, and then, it does not include the self-employed and executives. The increase or decrease of the employees in the manufacturing division is said to be most significant to the economy.


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