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Technical analysis in the forex market

Technical analysis

Technical analysis
The technical analysis is based on the group of records of the market movements and the graphic mode will guide you the predict in the near future. This section, namely as "Technical analysis in the forex market" introduces the fundamental technical analysis to you all who wants to know how the forex market moves time after time. Seeing the graphic charts, anybody makes out the direction the forex market would go. This section is made up for beginners in the forex market, and then, refer to some books if you want to know more about the technical analysis in detail.

How to use the charts

The forex charts implies more information than the ordinary graphs. This section shows you the basic how to use the charts and how to draw the trend line and the channel line, in addition to the support line and the resistance line which the forex market aims to build up the box range.

The directional movement

Once the direction in the forex market is decided, it has the power to keep the status in the same way as previous. This is called as trend. The stronger the trend, the longer it would keep powerful. Without forming trend, the forex market stays in a box range. The forex market is generated by these two phases. The trend follower benefits from the market sentiment. This section will show you the moving average which is necessary to trend analysis, and the Parabolic(SAR) and Bollinger bands.

Technical analysis for the excess to buy or sell

The forex market is going on with some excess to build up the mountain and to curve the canyon. The excessive movement in the forex market needs some correction with generating the current trend. The Oscillator analysis will show you the approaching the top or the bottom when those collapse. There are some famous tools, for example, RSI and Stochastics. In others, Williums %R is useful for the short term trading and the MACD is prepared for the trend analysis as well.

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